Monday, November 26, 2012

Episode 18 - Accord

Hosts: Jim, Jon & Kent

Guest: John "Scooter" Weaver

In this episode we create a burgeoning city full of humans making its way in the world on the edge of three nonhuman lands. In this fantasy world, the human kingdoms do all they can to get a leg-up on their competition, and political backstabbing is the norm. And all the while, the elves, dwarves and orcs watch them as they move closer and closer to danger.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Jim recommends Trader Tales: Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell. Jon recommends Giant in the Playground & Order of the Stick.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Dungeons & Dragons
Thieves' World
Fritz Leiber / Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser
Black Hills Gold Rush
Convicts in Australia
DUNE / The Spice
Balance of Terror
The Fisher King
Houses of the Blooded
Wicker Man
Chivalry / Courtly Love
The Bishop!
Star Trek / Kirk Womanizing
Dark Sun
Chargé d'affaires
Dyson Sphere / Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
Stilgar / House Atreides / Muad'dib
Presidio / The Presidio
Solomon's Porch / Colonnade
Primate / Metropolitan / Magisterium
Nathan Lowell / Quarter Share
Giant in the Playground / Order of the Stick


1 comment:

  1. Great to hear another episode from you guys! Really enjoyed this one since I'm partial to fantasy settings. I'm putting together a campaign setting that takes a D&D world and advances it to the late colonial era, so this episode has been very inspiration on that front. I really liked how the island represents different things to different nations.

    A few other random comments:

    Spices are by definition all plant-matter (mostly evolved by plants to make them taste bad, ironically). Salt is not a spice; It is a rock.

    I'm surprised there was no Greyjoy clothing reference for the fishermen district.

    The whole orc invading every 100 years thing reminds me of overpopulation cycles, a natural phenomenon where population of animals rapidly increases to carrying capacity and subsequently crashes (or sends violent war parties to their neighbors).

    The 99-year was curious coincidence to return of sovereignty of Hong Kong (also a trade heavy colonial island), which occurred when a 99-year lease expired:

    Finally, I'm curious if any of you have heard of Dejima. It was an artificial island in feudal Japan that served a dedicated trade center for foreigners, who were not allowed into the country:

    P.S. Posting comments here is a real pain in the rear!