Monday, June 8, 2015

Epoch Iteration 17 - I Bought a Monster


Kent and I met up at ConCarolinas to do a live podcast this year, marveled at the fact that the room was nearly empty and practically gave up hope. Then, as we were getting ready to pack it all in, we were bolstered by the arrival of a single audient (quite possibly by accident), so we decided to do an Epoch Iteration with her.

So here's that. Enjoy!



Extra-Life, Team Intelsat

Sabrina's DeviantArt Site


CypherCaster Magazine, Issue 001

Epoch Iteration 17 - I Bought a Monster Download

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Epoch Iteration 16 - Running and Screaming and Giant Frogs

For the first time, we have a guest on an Epoch Iteration! Author Eden Royce returns to talk about her upcoming novella release, Containment 2: Unleashed, a good portion of which takes place in our own Hell Noir setting. She also reads an excerpt from the book! In addition, we talk a bit about RPGs (as usual) and recent losses in the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy entertainment.


Eden Royce
- Blog

Charles White of Fabled Environments (whom you may remember from our Epilareus episode) is running a new Kickstarter: Wild West Floor Plans. Check it out!

In this Iteration, Jim also mentions he will be appearing as a guest at ConCarolinas 2015!


Jon recommends The Martian by Andy Weir.

Jim recommends The Film Reverie Podcast.

Epoch Iteration 16 - Running and Screaming and Giant Frogs Download