Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Episode 24 - Terror

Hosts: Jim, Jon & Kent
Guest: Mark

And now, as we get ever closer to Halloween, we bring you a realm of chilling darkness where fear is the greatest commodity. This is a place in which all of the world's worst nightmares are embodied. A strange, supernatural dimension where factions of living nightmares fight for dominance, each trying to force their own paradigm on each other even as they harvest the fear of mortals. Don't fall asleep, or you may find yourself there...

Image courtesy of Imgur

Unlike last month's extra-long episode, this one is a bit shorter than usual. We had a devil of a time with Skype on this particular episode, with calls dropping right and left, so we didn't have quite as much time to detail the world as we usually do, but I think we managed to put something pretty cool together. Along with making WAY more Frank Langella references than is generally recommended...

Also mentioned in this Episode:

Final Jeopardy
Monsters, Inc.
Ronald Reagan
Max Schreck / Nosferatu
Frank Langella / The Box / Good Night and Good Luck
Marcel Marceau
Snowman Holocaust
Warwick Davis / Leprechaun
Albert Finney / Peter O'Toole
Doc Holliday
Knots Landing
F. Lee Bailey
The Fountainhead / Ayn Rand
Planet Terror

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