Monday, December 10, 2012

Epoch Iteration 7 - Release the Christmas Bears!

We talk about current events, make announcements, discuss feedback and develop a strange fascination with spices and animal attacks.

The Worldbuilding Subreddit Jon mentions can be found HERE.

You can find the Transmissions from the Ninth World Podcast HERE.

Andante's link for the wiki entry on Dejima is HERE.

And Scott Roche's Indiegogo campaign for his upcoming anthology, The Way of the Gun, can be found HERE.

Mentioned in this Iteration:

Catfish Attack
Dolphins Leaving Earth
Christmas Town USA
The Dresden Files / Cold Days
Transmissions from the Ninth World
Monte Cook / Numenera
House Greyjoy / A Song of Ice and Fire
Ellis Island

Matthew Wayne Selznick
Scott Roche
Mur Lafferty / Jared Axelrod
A Fistful of Dollars / Seven Samurai
Way of the Gun

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  1. A couple of questions:
    1. If the dolphins did leave would they leave with the assistance of Mayan space ships? or do you believe they have developed their own underwater space crafts?

    2. Did you ever wonder if all Christmas elves are just Druids and during the off season they morph to Polar Bear form and wonder the flats of Alaska?

    3. With the kickstater world getting larger and more driven by the communities as successful platforms for getting funding for games do you feel that the quality of games being produced is increasing or decreasing?

  2. Cool, glad to hear another episode will be on the way!

    In the last episode's comments, I was referencing the on-screen clothing of the Greyjoys from Game of Thrones. It looks very weather beaten and pragmatic for the stormy seas:

    Also, here's a link to /r/WorldBuilding if anyone has trouble finding it: