Saturday, April 23, 2022

Episode 28 - Tide Shift

Hosts: Jim, Jon & Kent
Guest: Drew Meyer

(NOTE: The original MP3 file had a bit of a hiccup late in the episode, but it's since been replaced and the new file should be available to grab now!) 

In this episode recorded in December 2013, we welcome podcaster and game designer Drew Meyer! Together, we hammer together a world permeated with dimensional waves that change the laws of reality. The ones living there have founded very different civilizations, each suited to their circumstances.

You can find Drew's podcasts and other work here:

The Never Say Die! Podcast -
The Doctor Who Podcast -
Scaldcrow Games -


  1. At 1:23:29, the audio for episode 27 starts to overlay episode 28. I know this because I hear Dave Robison's buttery man voice.

    It goes on until 1:42:29.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up! We were alerted to the issue a few days ago and have since replaced the file - if you redownload it, it should hopefully be good now!

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