Thursday, April 14, 2022

Episode 27 - Children of the Fury

Hosts: Jim, Jon & Kent
Guest: Dave Robison

Ever have one of those personal eras when your life turns upside down a few times and then a pandemic happens and then you look up and realize the audio edit you've been stressing over for the past decade doesn't have to be as perfect as your inner critic insists and it's okay if the final product runs over two hours after all? 

Sometimes it takes a very long time to get one's inner critic to back down.

But when it happens? It can be a thing of wonder.

At long last, here is the next episode of Crucible of Realms. In it, our guest Dave brings us a massive concept to play with - a world split into three parts, each experiencing a different environment and each with a different relationship with magic.

You can find more about Dave and his work at these places:

Dave Robison: Vocal Performer -


  1. I REALLY miss listening to your podcast. It stirs my creative juices, as it were. Don't make us wait 6 more years for #28. :)