Thursday, August 1, 2013

Epoch Iteration 11 - Find a Naked Singularity

In this Iteration we talk about recent events, read listener feedback and go off on many a tangent.

Image Source: Northern Arizona University
You can find Jim's other podcast, Transmissions From the Ninth World, HERE.
You can find Kent's video podcast at the Distorted Order site, HERE.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Jon recommends the comic Fables and the book Anathem by Neal Stephenson. Jim recommends the book The Reckoning: the Murder of Christopher Marlowe by Charles Nicholl and the game Dungeon World.

Also Mentioned in this Iteration:

Steel-Toed Shoes
ENNie Awards
Monte Cook / Numenera
Pacific Rim
Ron Perlman / Sons of Anarchy
Guillermo del Toro / Hellboy
Charlie Hunnam
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey / Legolas
Matthew Wayne Selznick
WotC / Paizo
Gern Blanston / Steve Martin
Bill Willingham / Scourge of the Slave Lords / Vault of the Drow

Christopher Marlowe
Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff / Kenneth Hite / Robin D. Laws
Castle Amber (X2)
FATE Core / FATE Accelerated / FATE Core Kickstarter
Naked Singularity / Andromeda

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  1. Sounds good so far. Is it in the audiobooks on itunes or Keep up the work.