Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Epoch Iteration 1 - Recapturing Life Pieces

Here's a new thing - a show-between-the-shows! Just some announcements, listener feedback and general banter to tide folks over until the next full setting-creation episode is released.

Recommendations: Jon recommends Brave and the Crankcast. Jim recommends Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Epoch Iteration 1 - Recapturing Life Pieces Download


  1. I've enjoyed the first half of every show.

    At some point in every show you guys take the right fork where I wanted to take the left, and I can't concentrate on the show anymore. But you always start out great. =P

  2. Working through the archives, and really enjoying the show. Worldbuilding is something I always struggle with as a writer, so I'm hoping a little of it will rub off on me. Plus, the worlds themselves are great - so far, I especially like Episode 16's invasion of a standard fantasy world by a technologically-based enemy.

    I've always pronounced "drow" to rhyme with "snow" rather than "cow," and I'm not about to stop. And yes, by all means, call me a commie, I've no more problem being called that than I do being called a bipedal oxygen breather, and for exactly the same reason.