Saturday, February 4, 2012

Episode 7 - Neptune's Reich

Hosts: Jim, Jon & Kent

Guest: Reece Ambrose

We take an alternate look at World War II, imagining a world in which the Nazis found a mystical artifact that would lead them to conquer Europe and change the face of global politics forever.


Wiki entry to follow!

00:00 Tomfoolery
00:36 Intro
02:15 Nazis
03:00 Determining Basics
05:07 World War II
06:27 Deciding Era & Society
07:27 American Civil War

07:59 Atomic Bomb
08:25 Pearl Harbor
10:00 Determining Rules & History
10:12 Rome / Carthage / Rome vs Carthage
11:18 Hiroshima / Nagasaki
11:55 Hermetic Magic
13:46 Vulcan / Neptune
14:06 Hermes Trismegistus / Hermes / Thoth
14:22 Alchemy / Astrology / Theurgy
14:38 Thule Society
15:18 Axis / Allies / Axis vs Allies
16:24 Afrika Korps / Virgil
19:36 Stormtrooper
19:52 Mars
20:07 Fifth Column
21:16 Sodom & Gomorrah
21:32 Poseidon / The Kraken /
Hermann Göring
53:54 Vodoun (Voodoo)
55:24 Grigori Rasputin / Bolshevik
55:50 Naming Groups
56:02 Manhattan Project
58:13 Dynasty
58:57 Naming the Setting
59:27 3rd Reich

60:27 Conclusion & Outro



  1. darm you did an awesome idea, but I'd love to add my own two cents.

    Asian faction:
    1. There is a long alchemical tradition in china so the japanese might have gain this knowledge during their occupation of manchuria.
    2. chinese alchemy is based on a 5 element (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) so your 5 biggest factions within your eastern alchemical faction.
    3. the phoenix (the mixture of 5 elements made flesh) could be an overarking symbol.

    3. the russians have attempted to take a materialistic world and instead of alchemy, have thrown themselves into modern chemistry...doing stuff that can be done nowadays).
    4. tibet is considered a diplomatic zone with europe, seeing as it was one of the places the thule society did a sizable chunk of their digging.

    1. nazi's had a term called "honerary aryan" and it was used to generate alliance. I could see the concept of a "black aryan" coming into being, especially if they use a variation of the nordic creation myth (this particular african tribe came to our world using a reed instead of the ice from another world).
    2. if you want a couple of theuritc areas in africa, I would recommend the giza complex, lalibela, and the ruins of zimbabwe as focal points for ritual world.

    3. if your going to combine theurgy with what was there, it will inevitably lead to industrialized rituals, possibly called protocols. Basically they have to keep the ritual going 24/7 in certain areas so they have 4 man shifts not unlike a more mundane job.

    north america.
    I would love to throw the moundbuilder settlements as places of magic. ancient magical mounds that used to have great civilizations and are earth conduits for magical theory.

    all and all, a great concept guys. :)

    shades of eternity

  2. Hey there,

    I just discovered this podcast and I absolutely LOVE the concept. The amount of collective creativity is fantastic and I really enjoy hearing the development process. You're doing something wonderful for the RPG world.