Friday, December 23, 2011

Episode 4 - The Scablands

Hosts: Jim, Jon & Kent

It is the middle of the 1800's and out in the Oregon Territory, as the British and American invaders continue to defile the lands of the Nez Perce and argue heatedly over which side will claim the area, dark forces from a demonic realm also seek to take the land in fulfillment of their own twisted Manifest Destiny. WARNING: This episode contains Googling. Lots and lots of Googling. Find it in the wiki here.

00:00 Tomfoolery
00:21 Introduction
01:00 Deciding a Genre
01:04 Cowboys & Aliens
01:20 Weird Western
01:28 Deadlands
02:51 The Proposition
03:39 Quigley Down Under
04:00 Deciding a Scale
06:10 Washington State
06:19 Rain Shadow Effect
06:59 Lewis & Clark
07:15 Colville Reservation
07:35 Eastern Washington Wiki Page
08:25 Palouse Hills
09:05 Lake Missoula / The Channeled Scablands
11:00 Noah's Ark


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